Sr. No.DateDebate title/ Bill nameDebate type
24107-Mar-18Need to regularise the services of Aanganwadi servikas as Group C or D employees and enhance the payment made to themLS - Matters under (Rule-377)
24006-Feb-18Need to consider re-location of Central Cot-tage Emporium, MumbaiLS - Matters under (Rule-377)
23904-Jan-18Demand of land acquisition for sewdi complex for BDD ChawlSpecial Mention
23804-Jan-18Demand to construct hostels for the tribal students to encourage them to take educationSpecial Mention
23704-Jan-18Demand to provide minimum wages to ASHA workersSpecial Mention
23604-Jan-18Demand to shift Rajapur nanar refinerySpecial Mention
23504-Jan-18Raised issue of complaint lodged due to malicious conductSpecial Mention
23404-Jan-18regarding refund to the people who invested in Pancards Club LimitedLS - Matters under (Rule-377)
23304-Jan-18Regarding the environmental issue pertaining to Flamingo migratory birds at MumbaiSpecial Mention
23229-Dec-17Demand for judicial enquiry of fire at Kamala MillsSpecial Mention
23128-Dec-17The Muslim Women (Protection of Rights on Marriage) Bill, 2017Government Bills
23027-Dec-17Regarding ill treatment by Pakistani officials to wife and mother of Shri Kulbhushan Jadhav during their meeting at IslamabadSubmissions by Members
22927-Dec-17Regarding Martyrdom day of two sons of Guru Govind SinghSubmissions by Members
22827-Dec-17The Goods and Services Tax (Compensation to States) Ordinance, 2017 and The Goods and Services Tax (Compensation to States) Amendment Bill, 2017Government Bills
22722-Dec-17Discussion on the natural calamities in various parts of the country with special reference to cyclone Ockhi in South IndiaLS - Short Duration Discussions (Rule-193)
22621-Dec-17Death of farmers due to pesticides of BT Cotton in MaharashtraSpecial Mention
22521-Dec-17Request to regularise the workers of DoordarshanSpecial Mention
22419-Dec-17Destruction of cottor crop by pink bollworm in Maharashtra and need to address this menaceSpecial Mention
22319-Dec-17The Central Road Fund (Amendment) Bill, 2017Government Bills
22218-Dec-17Need to reserve seats for patients suffering from Parkinson disease in AC (III Tier) coaches in trainsLS - Matters under (Rule-377)
22104-Aug-17Demand to open wrestling sports complex in Karad and also give Padma Shri award to the Khashaba Dadasaheb JadhavSpecial Mention
22004-Aug-17Regarding the delay in the declaration of the results of Mumbai UniversitySpecial Mention
21904-Aug-17The Indian Institute of Petroleum and Energy Bill, 2017Government Bills
21802-Aug-17Regarding assessment of demonetized notes following demonetizationLS - Matters under (Rule-377)
21731-Jul-17Discussion on the situation arising out of reported incidents of atrocities and lynching in mob violence in the countryLS - Short Duration Discussions (Rule-193)
21628-Jul-17Demand to include more of Rabindranath Tagore works in textbooksSpecial Mention
21528-Jul-17Regarding leakage in Railway GIP dam in AmbernathSpecial Mention
21428-Jul-17The Indian Institutes of Management Bill, 2017Government Bills
21321-Jul-17The Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education (Amendment) Bill, 2017Government Bills
21219-Jul-17The Indian Institutes of Information Technology (Public-Private Partnership) Bill, 2017Government Bills
21111-Apr-17Regarding providing regional language TV channels to customers all over the countryLS - Matters under (Rule-377)
21011-Apr-17Regarding the decommissioning of INS ViratSpecial Mention
20911-Apr-17Urged the government to send a team of experts to Ratnagiri- Sindhudurg to control and prevent the money fever epidemic in the areaSpecial Mention
20807-Apr-17Raising the issue of climate change in the countrySpecial Mention
20707-Apr-17Related to the issues of powerloom industrySpecial Mention
20607-Apr-17The Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Bill, 2016Government Bills
20506-Apr-17Regarding renaming of sub-urban railway stations in MumbaiLS - Matters under (Rule-377)
20405-Apr-17Demand to waive off loans obtained by all farmersSpecial Mention
20305-Apr-17Demand to waive off loans of the farmers of MaharashtraSpecial Mention
20231-Mar-17Demand for mobile soil testing vans in the countrySpecial Mention
20131-Mar-17Demand for the rehabilitation of the people residing at the railway land in MumbaiSpecial Mention
20031-Mar-17Demand to ban cigarette and gutkhaSpecial Mention
19931-Mar-17Demand to demolish the Jinnah House to build a freedom fighter memorial insteadSpecial Mention
19824-Mar-17Requet to include MTNL and BSNL for laying fibre cables in country for digital IndiaSpecial Mention
19721-Mar-17Demand for a positive decision in granting classical language status to MarathiSpecial Mention
19621-Mar-17Demand for toll free movement of vegetable and fruit trucksSpecial Mention
19521-Mar-17Regarding the corruption in the recruitment in Postal Department in MumbaiSpecial Mention
19415-Mar-17Demands for Grants Nos. 1 to 3 Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers WelfareBudget (General)
19314-Mar-17Demands for Grants No. 80 Ministry of Railways 2017-18Budget (General)
19214-Mar-17The Enemy Property (Amendment and Validation) Fifth Ordinance, 2016 and The Enemy Property (Amendment and Validation) Bill, 2016Government Bills
19109-Mar-17The Maternity Benefit (Amendment) Bill, 2016, as passed by Rajya SabhaGovernment Bills
19008-Dec-16Demand for more currency to Cooperative banks and grant some favours to farmers regarding demonetizationSpecial Mention
18908-Dec-16Raising the changing of the name of the Bombay High Court as the Mumbai High CourtSpecial Mention
18807-Dec-16Demand for reservation for maratha'sSpecial Mention
18707-Dec-16Demand to declare every fallen soldier a martyrSpecial Mention
18607-Dec-16Need to continue the existing system of vending/catering services on Railways platformsLS - Matters under (Rule-377)
18507-Dec-16Opposition against islamic banking in IndiaSpecial Mention
18430-Nov-16Issue related to underground water problemSpecial Mention
18330-Nov-16Request to construct coastal road in Navi Mumbai to avoid heavy traffic problemSpecial Mention
18211-Aug-16Demand to continue grants for the tribal childrens schoolSpecial Mention
18111-Aug-16Need to provide a suitable government job to Arjun Awardee and Olympian boxer Manoj KumarLS - Matters under (Rule-377)
18010-Aug-16The Taxation Laws (Amendment) Bill, 2016Government Bills
17909-Aug-16AC local train in MumbaiSpecial Mention
17809-Aug-16Regarding reported issue of putting bar on students to sing National Anthem on Independence day in a school at Saidabad in Allahabad, Uttar PradeshSubmissions by Members
17709-Aug-16Road accidents in Mahad (Maharashtra) due to rainsSpecial Mention
17609-Aug-16The Employee's Compensation (Amendment) Bill, 2016Government Bills
17508-Aug-16Demand for capital punishment for rapeSpecial Mention
17408-Aug-16Uniform policy and guidelines for RMP and PMP doctorsSpecial Mention
17305-Aug-16Regarding the harmful effects of chemically made agarbattis on healthSpecial Mention
17204-Aug-16Regarding the time change of evening classes of law courses in Delhi UniversitySpecial Mention
17103-Aug-16Issues related to the problems of drought affected farmers of MaharashtraSpecial Mention
17003-Aug-16Regarding collapse of British-era Mumbai-Goa Highway BridgeSubmissions by Members
16903-Aug-16Regarding need to complete the construstruction work of NH-17 from Mumbai to GoaSpecial Mention
16802-Aug-16Issues related to Fasal Beema Yojna and problems being faced by farmersSpecial Mention
16702-Aug-16Marathi speaking people in Karnataka facing consistent oppression and need to take appropriate action to ensure justice for themSpecial Mention
16602-Aug-16Recommendations of the First Report of Railway Convention CommitteeGovernment Resolutions
16528-Jul-16Regarding need to complete the Chitti airport work in SinghdurgSpecial Mention
16428-Jul-16Terrorist activities in MarathwadaSpecial Mention
16325-Jul-16Atrocities against Dalits in BiharSpecial Mention
16225-Jul-16Education Issue of Kashmiri MigrantsSpecial Mention
16125-Jul-16Regarding the disputed land in Nevali (Maharashtra)Special Mention
16025-Jul-16Regarding the impact of release of Mill Land in MumbaiSpecial Mention
15925-Jul-16The Institutes of Technology (Amendment) Bill, 2016Government Bills
15821-Jul-16Need to look into the implementation of Modified Flexible Complementing Scheme in Indian Meterorological DepartmentLS - Matters under (Rule-377)
15720-Jul-16Regarding the news- Sikh student mistaken for Kashmiri, ‘beaten up’ on Hyderabad campusSpecial Mention
15620-Jul-16Regarding the situation arising out of recent violence in Kashmir valleyLS - Short Duration Discussions (Rule-193)
15520-Jul-16To link NREGA with agriculture sectorSpecial Mention
15419-Jul-16(i) Statutory Resolution disapproving the Indian Medical Council (Amendment) Ordinance, 2016, (ii)The Indian Medical Council (Amendment) Bill, 2016 (iii)Statutory Resolution disapproving the Dentists (A) Bill, 2016, (iv) The Dentists (A) Bill, 2016Government Bills
15309-May-16Regarding financial dispute between Central government and State governmentSpecial Mention
15209-May-16Regarding need to give Bharat Ratna award to Mahatma Jyotiba Phule and Mata Savitribai PhuleSpecial Mention
15109-May-16Regarding need to give employment advertisement in marathi newspapersSpecial Mention
15004-May-16The Finance Bill, 2016Government Bills
14903-May-16Need to conduct Lok Sabha and Vidhan Sabha elections at the same time to save resources and timeSpecial Mention
14802-May-16Regarding capital punishment for those involved in the illegal trade of drugsSpecial Mention
14729-Apr-16Issue about the arbitrary attitude of private Airport Authority who runs the Government Airport.Special Mention
14629-Apr-16Request to implement Supreme Court's judgement on medical test from 2018Special Mention
14528-Apr-16Need to take initiative to develop Lokmanya Tilak’s residence as an International MemorialSpecial Mention
14427-Apr-16Demand to revival of the Hindustan Antibiotics company in PimpriSpecial Mention
14327-Apr-16Issues related to give relaxation in terms of making ST certificates for the tribal people of Maharashtra borderSpecial Mention
14227-Apr-16Look into the matter of very high tides in the ocean from Sindhudurg to VijaydurgSpecial Mention
14127-Apr-16Need to include chapters on Chhatrapati Shivaji in NCERT history bookSpecial Mention
14027-Apr-16Regarding need to set up statue of Shri Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj in railway station of Chhatrapati Shivaji TerminusSpecial Mention
13927-Apr-16Request to provide drinking and irrigation water to the people of 182 village near Shirdi, MaharashtraSpecial Mention
13827-Apr-16The Budget (General)- 2016-2017-Demands for GrantsBudget (General)
13726-Apr-16Demands for Grants (Railways) – 2016-2017Budget (Railways)
13626-Apr-16Regarding need to give recognition to the SNDT Women's University as Central University in MaharashtraSpecial Mention
13525-Apr-16Regarding excise duty on goldSpecial Mention
13416-Mar-16Regarding need to rename the Bombay high court as Mumbai High CourtSpecial Mention
13315-Mar-16Need to accord permission to convert STD/PCO booths run by differently-abled persons into multi-purpose vendor boothsLS - Matters under (Rule-377)
13215-Mar-16Need to arrange for toilets in women compartments in local trains in MumbaiSpecial Mention
13111-Mar-16Need to remove the dumping ground from Deonar, MumbaiSpecial Mention
13011-Mar-16Regarding need to refund the tds of women agents of post office and also need to fix the pinnacle system in palghar, MaharashtraSpecial Mention
12911-Mar-16Regarding need to withdraw excise duty from gold jewellerySpecial Mention
12811-Mar-16The Aadhaar (Targeted Delivery of Financial and Other Subsidies, Benefits and Services) Bill, 2016Government Bills
12709-Mar-16Alleged role of social media in defaming the personality of a Member of ParliamentSubmissions by Members
12608-Mar-16(i) The Budget (Railways) – 2016-17; (ii) Demands for Grants on Account (Railways) – 2016-17 and; (iii) Supplementary Demands for Grants (Railways) – 2015-16Budget (Railways)
12501-Mar-16Need to review the inclusion of 'Sindh' in the National Anthem of India and make suitable amendmentsLS - Matters under (Rule-377)
12424-Feb-16Discussion regarding situation arising out of recent incidents in institutions of higher educationLS - Short Duration Discussions (Rule-193)
12322-Dec-15Issue related to machine required for TB treatmentSpecial Mention
12222-Dec-15Issue related to silk sericulture in IndiaSpecial Mention
12121-Dec-15Issues related to Adarsh Gram YojnaSpecial Mention
12021-Dec-15Need for cadre review of IRPF OfficersLS - Matters under (Rule-377)
11921-Dec-15Need to the contract workers working in the Central Institure of Fisheries EducationSpecial Mention
11821-Dec-15Request and maintain anciant Temple of Ekvira Devi Near LonawalaSpecial Mention
11721-Dec-15Request to conduct CBI Enquiry into the murder of Smt. Saraswati Bai Ambaji Bhansode, Mother of Constable Laxman Bhansode in Nanded DistrictSpecial Mention
11621-Dec-15Request to conduct survey of BPL Schemes for Welfare of PoorSpecial Mention
11521-Dec-15Request to implement house in Leaves of VRS to the workers of Mumbai Port TrustSpecial Mention
11421-Dec-15The National Waterways Bill, 2015Government Bills
11318-Dec-15Issues related to supreme court's order to demolish ancient temples in MaharashtraSpecial Mention
11218-Dec-15Need to include ordanance factory apprentice students under Apprenticeship ActSpecial Mention
11118-Dec-15Need to rehabilitate the displaced people by railway authorities in MumbaiSpecial Mention
11018-Dec-15Request to include Maharashtra's tableau for 26 January 2016 paradeSpecial Mention
10918-Dec-15Request to purchase rice crop from farmers of Sindhudurg-Ratnagiri farmersSpecial Mention
10817-Dec-15Storage of coal should be moved from Sion Koliwada, MumbaiSpecial Mention
10716-Dec-15Issue concerning Delhi-Mumbai industrial corridor compensationSpecial Mention
10616-Dec-15Issue of ban of age-old tradition of Bailgada Sharyat and Jallikattu in Tamil NaduSpecial Mention
10516-Dec-15Request to regularize the adhoc employees of IOCL, ParadipSpecial Mention
10415-Dec-15(i) Supplementary Demands for Grants (General)(Second Batch) – 2015-16 and (ii) Demands for Excess Grants (General) – 2012-13Budget (General)
10315-Dec-15Regarding paying Hindustan Antibiotics Limited staffers’ duesSpecial Mention
10215-Dec-15Request to establish a five star hospital for workers of two M.I.D.C in Butaderi, RamtekSpecial Mention
10115-Dec-15Request to name the newly constructed railway station as `Ram Mandir Railway Station’ in MumbaiSpecial Mention
10011-Dec-15Issues related to VRS dues to the ex-employees of NTC and modernisation of the buildingsSpecial Mention
9910-Dec-15Need to implement same pension pattern for the employees of MTNL & BSNL in the countrySpecial Mention
9809-Dec-15Request to take immediate action to reduce the minimum export price of onionSpecial Mention
9707-Dec-15Issue related to the racial discrimination and need to enact a stringent anti-racial law in the countrySpecial Mention
9607-Dec-15Regarding Delhi govt's decision to control vehicular pollution by allowing vehicles with odd and even numbers to ply on alternate daysSpecial Mention
9507-Dec-15Regarding need to give compensation to the blind peopleSpecial Mention
9403-Dec-15The Bureau of Indian Standards Bill, 2015Government Bills
9302-Dec-15Regarding flood situation in Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and several parts of the countryLS - Short Duration Discussions (Rule-193)
9227-Nov-15Discussion on the commitment to India's Constitution as part of 125th Birth Anniversary Celebration of Dr. B.R. AmbedkarOthers
9110-Aug-15Issues related to non-payment of pension to BSNL employees, sbsorbed in the MTNLSpecial Mention
9010-Aug-15Need to take effective measures to curb child marriages in the countryLS - Matters under (Rule-377)
8907-Aug-15Issues related to depleted condition of 111 years building at Aangerwadi Vallabhbhai Patel Road in Mumbai and safety of people living in itSpecial Mention
8807-Aug-15Need to provide training to literate fishermen about sea securitySpecial Mention
8707-Aug-15Request for special monetary assistance to develop all necessary amenities at PandharpurSpecial Mention
8606-Aug-15Issues related to people not appeared for interviews due to cancellations of trains and need to resolve the problemSpecial Mention
8505-Aug-15Need to open a Maratha Regiment for recruitment of road maratha community in HaryanaSpecial Mention
8405-Aug-15Regarding need to release fund for completion the pending work under PMGSYSpecial Mention
8305-Aug-15Regarding need to take approval from the Cabinet to establish an independent ministry of pond industrySpecial Mention
8204-Aug-15Issue related to stop cow slaughteringSpecial Mention
8104-Aug-15Need to give a separate status under phase 1 to the Pimpri Chinchwad smart city projectSpecial Mention
8004-Aug-15Request to change the name of Aurangjeb Road to Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam RoadSpecial Mention
7904-Aug-15Request to change the names of Minto Road, Hailey Road and Chelmsford Road in the name of freedom fighters of IndiaSpecial Mention
7804-Aug-15Request to introduce a super-fast daily train from Delhi to Rameswaram via Sivaganga named as ‘Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Super-fast Express’in Tamil NaduSpecial Mention
7704-Aug-15Request to take Dharavi Redevelopment Authority under Smart City Project for development of Dharavi slum areaSpecial Mention
7604-Aug-15The Scheduled Castes and the Scheduled Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities) Amendment Bill, 2014Government Bills
7531-Jul-15Need to allow travelling for kidney failure patients to the reserved compartment for handicap and cancer patients in Mumbai RailwaySpecial Mention
7413-May-15Issues related to the Bangladeshi and Pakistani intrudersSpecial Mention
7313-May-15Regarding the traffic problem in Mumbai and need of CRZ zoneSpecial Mention
7212-May-15Issues related to the plight of senior citizens in IndiaSpecial Mention
7112-May-15Issues related to the temporary employees of post officeSpecial Mention
7012-May-15The Right to Fair Compensation and Transparency in Land Acquisition, Rehabilitation and Resettlement (Amendment) Second Bill, 2015Government Bills
6911-May-15Regarding not to play cricket with Pakistan which is giving shelter to the terroristsSpecial Mention
6811-May-15Regarding setting up a nuclear power project in Jaitapur, MaharashtraSpecial Mention
6711-May-15The Undisclosed Foreign Income and Assets (Imposition of Tax) Bill, 2015Government Bills
6606-May-15Issue related to the Reliance Broad Band prepaid serviceSpecial Mention
6506-May-15Need to apply the rules of general elections to the Cantonment board electionSpecial Mention
6406-May-15Request to make Mumbai as the internation financial centreSpecial Mention
6330-Apr-15Regarding inclusion of Belgaum, Bhalki, Bidar, Karwar, Nipani and other border areas in Maharashtra state and accord Marathi language status of classical languageSpecial Mention
6228-Apr-15Need to amend Street vendors Act for better implementation in Mumbai, MaharashtraSpecial Mention
6128-Apr-15Request to take action on the lapses pointed out in coastal security by the CAGSpecial Mention
6027-Apr-15Regarding loss of lives due to earthquake in Nepal, parts of India and steps taken to prevent damages caused by earthquakesSubmissions by Members
5923-Apr-15Regarding situation arising out of alleged suicide by a farmer in Delhi and agrarian crisis prevailing in the countrySubmissions by Members
5822-Apr-15Issue related to not being invited to the function held by GovernmentSpecial Mention
5722-Apr-15Preservation of forts of Maharana Pratap in Buldhana, MaharashtraSpecial Mention
5622-Apr-15Regarding need to send invitation in time to the Members of Parliament for inauguration of works/projects in their constituenciesSubmissions by Members
5521-Apr-15Demands for Grants (Railways) – 2015-16Budget (Railways)
5420-Apr-15Need to repair the building of NTC in MumbaiSpecial Mention
5320-Apr-15Request to change the name of Bombay High Court to Mumbai High Court before May 1, Maharashtra Foundation DaySpecial Mention
5219-Mar-15Discussion on the agrarian situation in the countryLS - Short Duration Discussions (Rule-193)
5118-Mar-15Need to reinstall Savarkar's plaque at Andaman cellular jail and restart the light and sound programmeSpecial Mention
5016-Mar-15Undertake renovation of Chawls (Residential units) at Indian United Mills, Digvijay Mills in Mumbai including all other dilapidated chawls in Mumbai-South Parliamentary Constituency, MaharashtraLS - Matters under (Rule-377)
4911-Mar-15The Budget (Railways) – 2015-16; (ii) Demands for Grants on Account (Railways) – 2015-16; and (iii) Supplementary Demands for Grants (Railways) – 2014-15Budget (Railways)
4811-Mar-15Need to undertake cadre review of Scientific Staff in the Indian Meteorological DepartmentLS - Matters under (Rule-377)
4710-Mar-15Issue related to railway recruitment scamSpecial Mention
4609-Mar-15The Right to Fair Compensation and Transparency in Land Acquisition, Rehabilitation and Resettlement (Amendment) Bill, 2015Government Bills
4504-Mar-15Need to make enquiry into the reported incidents of dumping of donated eyes by some hospitalsSpecial Mention
4403-Mar-15Issues related to closing of some schemes for sports persons by the Ministry of SportsSpecial Mention
4303-Mar-15The Coal Mines (Special Provisions) Bill, 2015Government Bills
4227-Feb-15Regarding World Marathi Language Day and celebrating Marathi poets' birthdaysSpecial Mention
4125-Feb-15Motion of Thanks on the President's AddressMotion of Thanks on the President's Address
4024-Feb-15Motion of Thanks on the President's AddressMotion of Thanks on the President's Address
3922-Dec-14Cancel the article 370 from the Constitution of IndiaSpecial Mention
3819-Dec-14Regarding alleged grant of bail to master mind behind 26/11 Mumbai terror Attack by a Pakistani anti-terror courtSubmissions by Members
3718-Dec-14Need to ask the US authorities to exonerate Deviyani Khobragade from the criminal chargesSpecial Mention
3616-Dec-14Need to accord classical language status to Marathi languageLS - Matters under (Rule-377)
3516-Dec-14Regarding delay in projects such as BSUP and houses under JNNURM in Kalyan constituency in MaharashtraSpecial Mention
3416-Dec-14Regarding tourism in LakshadweepSpecial Mention
3315-Dec-14Request the Govt. to set up a separate agriculture crop insurance wing in the Agriculture MinistrySpecial Mention
3215-Dec-14Request to the Central Govt. to provide necessary assistance and relief demanded by the Govt. of Maharashtra for the drought affected people of MaharashtraSpecial Mention
3115-Dec-14Urge upon the Govt. to incorporate the old buildings and construct new houses for the Slum people under the Pucca Ghar SchemeSpecial Mention
3011-Dec-14Regarding situation arising due to the reported incidents of religious conversionLS - Short Duration Discussions (Rule-193)
2909-Dec-14Issues related to development of land in and around defence land and NOC by the department in MaharashtraSpecial Mention
2808-Dec-14Issue of water shortage in Mumbai CitySpecial Mention
2708-Dec-14Need to make an airport at Navi Mumbai and give attention to the urban infrastructure of MumbaiSpecial Mention
2605-Dec-14Issue related to the copper smeltersSpecial Mention
2503-Dec-14Need to take suitable steps for revival of the Mumbai Port TrustLS - Matters under (Rule-377)
2403-Dec-14Request to change the name of High Court of Judicature at Bombay as High Court of Judicature at MumbaSpecial Mention
2303-Dec-14Restoration of Veer Savarkar's name plate and quotation in Andaman JailSpecial Mention
2203-Dec-14The School of Planning and Architecture Bill, 2014Government Bills
2102-Dec-14The Merchant Shipping (Amendment) Bill, 2014 and The Merchant Shipping (Second Amendment) Bill, 2014, as passed by Rajya SabhaGovernment Bills
2001-Dec-14Regarding lack of proper connectivity and poor functioning of BSNL network in the country particularly in Tribal areas of Andhra Pradesh and some districts, viz., Nabarangpur, Malkangiri, Koraput and Rayagada in OrisaaSubmissions by Members
1901-Dec-14The Textile Undertakings (Nationalisation) Laws (Amendment and Validation) Bill, 2014Government Bills
1827-Nov-14Issue related to accident happen in railway lines due to lack of footover bridge and cross bridge in MumbaiSpecial Mention
1726-Nov-14Need to give compensation to the farmers who suffered damage to their produce due to drought in Vidarbha and Marathwada in MaharashtraSpecial Mention
1626-Nov-14The Indian Institutes of Information Technology Bill, 2014Government Bills
1525-Nov-14Request to the Govt. to release fund for reconstruction of Mumbai citySpecial Mention
1425-Nov-14The Delhi Special Police Establishment (Amendment) Bill, 2014Government Bills
1314-Aug-14Need to evolve an effective mechanism to deal with incidents of communal violence in the countryLS - Short Duration Discussions (Rule-193)
1211-Aug-14Issues related to cluster development in MumbaiSpecial Mention
1107-Aug-14Need to have stringent legislation to check increasing atrocities against women and children in the countryLS - Short Duration Discussions (Rule-193)
1006-Aug-14The Securities Laws (Amendment) Bill, 2014Government Bills
904-Aug-14Need to protect mangroves in Ambedkar Nagar in South Mumbai from illegal habitationsLS - Matters under (Rule-377)
831-Jul-14Better air connectivity and frequent flights between Surat and DelhiSpecial Mention
730-Jul-14Atrocities against Marathi speaking people in KarnatakaSpecial Mention
625-Jul-14Request to decided poverty line as per international standards and provide the decent livelihoodSpecial Mention
522-Jul-14Demands for Grants No. 31 under the control of the Ministry of Environment and Forests for 2014-15Budget (General)
421-Jul-14Demands for Grants No. 106 under the control of the Ministry of Water Resources for 2014-15Budget (General)
318-Jul-14Financial crisis in Hindustan Antibiotics Limited, Pimpri, PuneSpecial Mention
217-Jul-14(I) Budget (General)–2014-15 (II) Demands for Excess Grants (General) –2011-12Budget (General)
111-Jun-14Motion of Thanks on the President’s AddressMotion of Thanks on the President's Address